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            Introduction of R & D Center

            Inner Mongolia Super New Material Co.,Ltd.

            The R&D Center of Inner Mongolia Super New Material Co.,Ltd. was established in December 2012 with a floor area of over 500 square meters. It consists of process research laboratory, testing and information analysis laboratory, coating application research laboratory, rubber application research laboratory, building material research laboratory and quality management department. The R & D center now has 16 people, including 1 master's degree, 11 bachelor's degree and 4 college degree.

            The R&D center of the enterprise has invested about 2.55 million yuan in the original value of the instruments and equipments. It has a classification centrifuge, screening centrifuge, depolymerizer, abrasion tester, SediGraph particle size tester, conductivity tester, laboratory stirring mill, high temperature box resistance furnace, whiteness tester and visible spectrophotometer and other related research and development instruments.

            The R&D center attaches great importance to technical cooperation with domestic colleges and universities to enhance R&D capabilities. It has successively cooperated with universities such as China University of Mining and Technology, China University of Petroleum, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, National Research Center for Coal Water Slurry Engineering and China General Institute of Building Materials Science to complete scientific research projects.

            From 2014 to 2017, the Enterprise Research and Development Center of Inner Mongolia Super New Material Co.,Ltd. implemented 21 research and development projects, including 9 new technologies, 6 new equipment and 6 new products.