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            Company profile


            Inner Mongolia Super New Material Co.,Ltd. was founded in March 2012 with a registered capital of 90 million yuan. The company is located in Qingshuihe County Industrial Park, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It mainly develops, produces and sells calcined kaolin products. The products are widely used in papermaking, paint, ceramic manufacturing and high performance blending.

            Our company has devoted more than 20 years to research and develop three generations of technology and equipment for calcined kaolin industry. The overall technology of production and application has reached the international leading level. The company has independently developed and obtained 8 national invention patents, 4 utility model patents, 6 scientific and technological achievements which have been appraised as "leading international and domestic" by the company. In March 2017, it also participated in the revision of the national standard GB/T 18736-2017 "Mineral Admixture for High Strength and High Performance Concrete" and undertook and completed the scientific and technological type of the Ministry of Science and Technology many times. SME innovation fund project.

            Inner Mongolia Super New Material Co.,Ltd.
            Inner Mongolia Super New Material Co.,Ltd.

            Our company has a series of products such as papermaking, coatings, calcined kaolin for ceramics and high-activity metakaolin. The products are superior in quality and performance under the protection of the company's professional equipment, and excel in some special papermaking and products and high-activity calcined earth products. In addition, the company's personalized products are prominent, heat-sensitive paper used high oil absorption value products, rubber filament special calcined kaolin, mortar used metakaolin, uncalcined high-iron rubber pad special kaolin, kaolin activated metakaolin, high-performance concrete used metakaolin and other products are not personalized peer-to-peer products for the future of the company. Lay a solid foundation for development.

            Over the years, the company has won the "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Science and Technology Progress Award" many times, in 2016 also won the Fifth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National Excellent Enterprise Award and Inner Mongolia Competition Area Enterprise Group First Prize. Mr. Feng Jianming, founder and actual controller of the company, has been a pioneer of scientific and technological innovation in our company for nearly 40 years. He is a special expert of China Nonmetallic Mine Industry Association and a rotating chairman of the Special Committee on processing and utilization technology of the association. His scientific and technological achievements in research and development have won the provincial and ministerial awards for scientific and technological progress and the city for many times. Technology Progress Award.

            The company is committed to building a leading domestic calcined kaolin industry leader, leading China's comprehensive utilization of coal gangue development and scientific and technological progress.