Auto Lanka

Auto Lanka is an automobile direct importing and wholesale company which is well established since1995. We operate with the sole aim of creating and gaining the TRUST of our customers during the entire process of business dealing. We have grown and expanded our business due to a massive
increase in our customer base during the last 25 years. We have experienced customer loyalty and repeat purchases due to the trust that our customers have in us even after purchases!

Auto Lanka imports vehicles from Japan, Europe and Australia including brands such as Audi, BMW,Suzuki, Toyota and many more.

We also engage in a part exchange where our company is willing to trade
a brand-new vehicle for your old used one keeping no profit margin for ourselves.

All permit holders are entitled to a special price at our company! We also provide two choices for all permits holders:
● We are willing to purchase your permit and buy a vehicle
● We will import for you a vehicle of your choice for your permit

We trust you! Do trust us in helping you chose your dream vehicle!

Discounted Prices
We offer you a good price!
Certified Checkups
Vehicles are in good condition.
Connecting dealers
We will help you find your dream car.
The Revolution of Vehicles

Hot Sellers!

The Revolution of Vehicles
We aim to help you find the perfect vehicle for you.
Our Mission Statement
We aim to help you find your dream vehicle. We wish to be a part of this journey. Trades with trust.
Expert Reviews
We have been in the industry for 25+ years and we are overwhelmed with the response we get. Thank you for supporting us!
Brands we deal with
We deal with a lot of brands from several countries ranging from TOYOTA, BMW, Honda, and many more.